Join us at the table and explore America's story in the words of those who lived it.

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October 6, 2023, 8:30 AM CDT - 2:30 PM CDT | Hosted by: Oklahoma Council for the Social Studies | Tahlequah, OK | Discussion Leader: Professor William Atto

Before the Civil War, the Lincoln Administration turned its attention to the enormous challenge of 'reconstruction.' Focusing on reconciliation between North and South also brought seemingly unanswerable questions. What was the political status of the formerly rebellious states? What role should the government play in protecting the new civil rights of freedmen, blacks, and Unionists in those rebel states? What should happen to the officials and military in the defeated confederacy?

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Teaching American History
"It gave me a better understanding of the Founders’ views. They saw that restricting religious liberty is not only wrong; it leads to animosity within society. This year, I will begin both my government class and my class on “Law and Modern Society” with George Washington’s Letter to the Hebrew Congregation at Newport." — Sean B.