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Register for "Wartime Diplomacy: FDR, Churchill and Stalin"

April 23, 2022, 8:45 AM ET - 12:30 PM ET | Hosted by: Florida Council for History Education (Held Online)

This seminar will focus on the political thought, statesmanship and diplomacy of FDR, Churchill and Stalin during World War II. As partners in the “Grand Alliance”, the did not share common political goals and did not always agree on how to fight the war, but through diplomacy and statesmanship they cooperated to defeat Hitler.

This program will be conducted as a Socratic discussion, utilizing primary source documents as the only readings, and with the Discussion Leader facilitating the conversation, instead of lecturing or presenting. Registrants, therefore, are highly encouraged to read all the documents in advance and come ready with questions. All attendees will receive a Letter of Attendance at the end of the seminar.


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"It gave me a better understanding of the Founders’ views. They saw that restricting religious liberty is not only wrong; it leads to animosity within society. This year, I will begin both my government class and my class on “Law and Modern Society” with George Washington’s Letter to the Hebrew Congregation at Newport." — Sean B.